Our clients return to us for multiple projects. Here's what they have to say.
I had used some pretty good designers for my first few books, but for what I considered my life’s work I wanted something as unique as my topic. From the moment that I began working with Words of Passion, it was collaborative. They were truly interested in understanding my book to capture the essence of it in the design and layout. From the editing, which was flawless, to getting it launched on Kindle was awesome, and it was all seamless and ahead of schedule. But, more importantly, I have a book that I’m proud of not just because of the content but because of the design. You can tell a book by its cover when you use Words of Passion!
Dr. Indigo Triplett, Dueling Dragons: A Bipolar Journey from the Darkness into the Light
I'm so grateful that I had you edit my book! Several local self-published authors have asked me to read and comment on their books and most needed a better editor. I know the book is better because of you. Thanks for your insights!
Myra McElhaney,
Building a Life You Love
After Losing the Love of Your Life
The hallmark of a great editor is the ability to get inside your story and tactfully point out where it needs improvement. Nanette has that ability and has generously employed it to take my stories to a higher level. I have no doubt that the praise and awards my books have received are directly related to Nanette’s talents.
Jana Oliver,
Time Rovers Series and
Demon Trappers Series
Working with Words of Passion was a pleasure and a joy. Nanette’s questions, edits, and suggestions helped to bring out the best of my book, and all while allowing my character’s distinct voice to come through. I have had many compliments on the finished book’s appearance as well. I highly recommend Words of Passion.
Anne Lovett, The River Nymph
Nanette Littlestone is that marvel of the literary world, an editor who is both exacting and kind. I trust her judgment implicitly, although on the few occasions when I’ve dug in my heels over a particular suggestion of hers, she has been more than willing to discuss her reasoning. Her reasons are usually better than mine.
Fran Stewart, The Biscuit McKee Mystery Series
You Can Heal Your Gut was my first attempt at writing a book and I needed guidance and reassurance. Words of Passion was all that and more. Nanette was a great source of information and encouragement, explaining the editing process in precise detail and tactfully suggesting improvements when needed. Her kindness and expertise were invaluable for me as an inexperienced writer. Words of Passion is dependable, compassionate, capable, and dedicated. I would definitely recommend them to all writers, regardless of their previous experience in the publishing world.
Cheryl Moates, You Can Heal Your Gut