At Words of Passion, our goal is to get your project ready for publication. Your submission gives you the opportunity to get constructive feedback from expert reviewers.

We’re looking for well-written, uplifting, and engaging work that inspires our readers. Words of Passion is open to manuscripts in these genres:

  • Fiction
    • Teen and Young Adult
    • Women’s fiction (contemporary, fantasy/sci-fi, historical, magical realism, romantic)
  • Nonfiction – Biography/memoir, Self-help, Spirituality

We are NOT open to the following genres:

Action/Adventure, Business, Children’s, Cooking, Crime, Erotica, Horror, Mystery, Parenting, Poetry, Suspense, Thrillers/Psychological thrillers

If you have questions about genre, contact us for help.


Before submitting to Words of Passion, please read our Services page to understand the publishing process. Then fill out the submissions form and attach a Word or PDF file of the first twenty pages of your manuscript and a one- to two-page synopsis.

Formatting is important. Please make sure your manuscript has the following:

  • Your name and word count on first page
  • Double-spacing
  • 1” margins on all sides
  • 12-point Times New Roman or Courier font
  • Page numbers at the bottom

If you have questions about formatting, or something else, contact us for help.

DO NOT send your entire manuscript.

We charge a $40 submission fee to determine if your work is ready for editing. If your manuscript is ready,  we’ll contact you via email to prepare a publishing quote. If your manuscript needs more work, we’ll make suggestions for your next steps.

To submit your manuscript, fill out the form below, upload your file, and click Submit. You’ll then be taken to the Payment page where you can make your payment through PayPal. An email confirmation will follow. Please allow up to 4 weeks for a response.

Thank you for your interest in publishing with Words of Passion!