Words of Passion provides a range of publishing services you can tailor for your needs. Choose the services that work best for you.


The purpose of editing is to make sure your writing says what you want to say. There are three types of editing: developmental editing, copy editing, and proofreading. Let’s examine each one.

Developmental Editing – Stage One

Developmental editing analyzes your manuscript on a deeper level. It looks at the overall structure and flow to determine the following:


  • Are the topics stated clearly?
  • Do the ideas make sense?
  • Is there a logical progression of information from beginning to end?
  • Is the information interesting and relevant to today’s consumer?
  • Do the personal examples illustrate the points in question?


  • Is the author’s voice unique?
  • Are the characters well-developed?
  • Is there conflict in every scene?
  • Does the description create images in the reader’s mind?
  • Are the themes and emotions universal?

Every story has a goal. Developmental editing allows us to help you clarify that goal and make the story flow easily and effortlessly.

Copy Editing – Stage Two

Copy editing (or line editing) follows developmental editing and reviews the manuscript line by line. At this point, your writing should be clear and straightforward and does not require substantial changes. We focus on grammar, punctuation, spelling, and phrasing to make sure the content is easy to understand.

Proofreading – Stage Three

Proofreading—the final stage of editing—takes place when the "proof" comes back from the printer. This is the last time to review your book before publication. We check for any errors in the writing and format and correct them. This includes spelling, punctuation, capitalization, italics, page numbers, chapter headings, reviewing the Table of Contents and Appendices, and more.

We make sure it's right.

Words of Passion ensures that your document is clean and well-formatted and ready to go to print. We’re here to help your creativity shine—to bring your words to life.

You were a pleasure to work with. I'm so grateful that I had you edit my book! Several local self-published authors have asked me to read and comment on their books and most needed a better editor. I know the book is better because of you. Thanks for your insights!
Myra McElhaney,
Building a Life You Love After Losing the Love of Your Life

Cover Design

Books are judged by their covers. Because first impressions count, we work closely with you to turn your vision into reality, to create a book cover that captures your story and makes your readers want to know more.

The cover represents some facet of the story that will entice the readers to open the book and turn the pages. It could be a symbol, a photograph of a character, a location. It could be abstract art or simply the name of the book. You’re limited only by your imagination.

The editing process gives us the advantage of knowing your characters and story. If you have a specific idea or image in mind, let us know. Research other books in your genre and see what appeals to you. Take into consideration color, patterns, any emotions that you feel, and convey those to us. This is a collaborative process that will result in a design and cover that you’ll love!


The inside of the book is just as important as the outside. Layout arranges all of the inside pieces in a way that’s pleasing to the eye. By paying careful attention to detail, we ensure that your format will look clean and sharp and easy to read, just what your readers want. Custom fonts, drop caps, text boxes, fancy headers/footers . . . you can have it all with ease and style.

These are some of the choices you have:

  • Main text font
  • Chapter heading design
  • Placement and format of headers and footers
  • Line spacing
  • Placement and format of illustrations/graphics/images
  • Format of Table of contents


There’s a lot to be said for holding an actual book in your lap. But e-books are a huge market because they’re convenient and easy to read. Words of Passion embraces both worlds. We love to create physical books. We also love e-books.

E-book conversion is the last step of the publishing process. Once you’ve created your print book, we take it and create two kinds of files: KPF and EPUB. The KPF file is used by Amazon for Kindle. The EPUB file is used by all other platforms (like Google, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Sony). If you're like most of our authors, you'll want both.


Other Services

  • Get your book on Amazon (KDP):
    • Set up accounts
    • Upload e-book and print book files
    • Define keywords to drive traffic to your book
    • Create a book description (blurb)
    • Set up a profile on Amazon Author Central
  • Library of Congress Control Number to put you in their catalog
  • 3D book covers for your website