Do You Like Change?

Spring is here with gorgeous flowers and trees budding with vibrant color. Life is happening all around us—a beautiful example of change. Weather varies from day to day. Relationships grow and fade. Companies expand and contract. No matter where you are, change is there. And yet I resist change. I like my habits, my routines. Getting up at the same time every morning. Having the food on hand that I wanted to eat. Working with the clients I know and love. 

We’ve all heard that people don’t change. Books, magazines, music, movies all tell us that people don’t change. It’s not easy to change who you are. Your habits and routines keep you safe. They keep you comfortable. Uncertainty is scary. The unknown is terrifying. Why would you want to venture outside the haven of what you know? 

Because past those boundaries lies a world of wonder, a world of opportunity, a world of magic. When you stop resisting change and start allowing, synchronicity happens. Serendipity becomes your friend. Miracles show up.

In stories, we look for characters to change. We want that change. Meek-mannered boys find their inner strength and turn into heroes. Girls from poverty become doctors and pledge their lives to helping other children.

Writers often write about what they know. So how have you changed? I’m not the same person I was when I moved to Atlanta in 2002. My writing journey has taken me through tangled woods and death-defying plunges to soar into the light. But discovering about me, embracing who I am, is as much of a journey as learning to write. And the more I allow and release and let go, the more magical life is.

Change. Life is all about change. Isn’t that the best thing ever?