What’s In Your Heart?

The world seems to be falling apart and not slowly. It’s easy to give in to fear. Every day the news reports another catastrophe.

Did you know the word catastrophe means “a turning point”? It was used in drama (in winding up the plot) to show a “reversal of what was expected.

Writers have the power to change their audience’s perspective. So let’s use that “turning point” to create a “reversal of what is expected.” To indicate a NEW turning point in humanity—a coming together. That’s what’s needed right now. A greater awareness of how we’re all connected. 

Whatever your religious or political affiliation, you can be a light in the darkness. Now is the time showcase the love in your heart. Now is the time to share that with the world. Make a difference with your messages, your words, your confidence, your smiles. The more you can uplift yourself, the more others will be uplifted by you. It’s okay to start small, with your friends and family. And if you’re ready to go big, with your community, your state, your country.

​I look forward to seeing your words of hope and love. If you’re not comfortable with sharing yourself, feel free to share this message with everyone you know. Let us come together and be stronger than ever before.